Six Villages Hyperfast
The project to build a network with B4RN has closed

The advice that we have received from the experts at B4RN is that, despite the efforts of our group of volunteers, and the support of some in our community, the obstacles hindering the progress of our project are too great for us to be able to successfully fund and build our own full-fibre gigabit broadband network.

For more details download our final newsletter.

News about Community Shares

There are a few people in our community that have bought Community Shares that may wish to redeem their shares now the project is no longer going ahead. With this in mind, a proposal pending approval by B4RN is that there will be a one-time opportunity to redeem Community Shares that have been held for less than three years on the 1st April 2022. To take advantage of this offer contact B4RN at People who wish to keep their investment in B4RN can continue to do so under the original terms.

If you have any questions or comments then email us at