Our Community Project

Delivering gigabit broadband to everybody in our community

Community Benefits

Delivering benefits to all in our community

Our broadband project is a rare and very special opportunity for our community. We have the chance to do something as a community that most communities will not be able to. By working together to build our gigabit broadband network we will benefit residents, businesses, key institutions, and our whole community now and for many decades to come.

Benefits to residents and local businesses

The immediate benefit of building our own full fibre network will be the improvement in the internet connection for those people and businesses that currently have very poor connections (many with less than 10Mbps and some with less than 1Mbps)......... We live in a society that is becoming increasingly digital and a reliable and fast internet connection is now an essential utility that everybody needs to play a full and active part in our modern society.
Those in our community that currently have ‘Superfast’ broadband will also notice immediate improvements: the speed of your connection will no longer depend on how long your phone line is, there will no longer be a slowing down of your connection at busy times, no more buffering and, no more difficulties cause when several family members need to use the internet at the same time.
There will also be long term benefits of building our own network for everybody. On average the number of devices in our homes that connect to the internet is increasing and the development of streaming media technology, video conferencing (e.g., zoom) and cloud storage and collaboration mean there will be a continuing need for faster broadband. The 1Gbps symmetrical connection provided by our community broadband network will be fast enough to meet all of our needs for many decades to come.

Benefits to local institutions

An important benefit of building our own community gigabit broadband network is that we can give the key institutions of the Hospice, the church, and the Primary School free connections .......... to our network and free gigabit broadband service forever. This will significantly improve upon the current broadband connections these institutions have (the church currently does not have a broadband connection) and, in the case of the Hospice and the Primary school, will save them thousands of pounds each year.

Read the letter from Mr. Wallace (the Head of the Primary School).

Future benefits to our community

The B4RN community is aware that as the size of the network grows (as it expands into more communities like ours) the revenue from the increasing number of monthly subscriptions will exceed the running costs of the network .......... (this will happen without increasing the £30 monthly subscription charge). Since the B4RN community is registered as a ‘Community Benefit Society’ by law any surplus revenue needs to be returned to the communities. Any funds returned to communities will need to be used in a way that benefits the whole community.