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The B4RN community

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Who are B4RN?

Broadband for the Rural North (B4RN pronounced ‘barn’) is a unique cooperative made up of communities like ours that are all building (or have built) a full fibre gigabit broadband network. By collecting together as B4RN all these communities can share and benefit from the expertise and experience……… that has been developed over the last decade. Our community is part of B4RN. We have already benefitted from this sharing of expertise in the help that we have had in designing the network, calculating the cost of building and the preparation of the Wayleave document that is the agreement that landowners sign when they give permission for ducting that will contain the fibre to be laid on their land. Though the B4RN community provide vital help and support it is our community that is raising the funding and contacting landowners to agree Wayleaves and it will be our community that does the work to build the network and connect homes and businesses to it.

A community benefit society

The B4RN community is a non-profit community benefit society. This means that the share holders of B4RN (community members that have purchased Community Shares) are members of the communities that make up B4RN .......... and when, as expected, the income from subscriptions exceeds the cost of building the network and running the broadband service all of the excess funds will be returned to communities to be spent on things that benefit the whole community.

A special opportunity for our community

By choosing to become part of the B4RN community we have given our community a very special opportunity to build our own broadband network that will deliver the fastest broadband anywhere in the country .......... with a subscription cost that is about half of that charged by broadband companies such as BT and Virgin for a similar service.
Our choice to become one of the many communities that make up B4RN has given us the chance to be in the 85% of the UK that will have access to ‘gigabit capable’ broadband (with the B4RN community the broadband service will be 1Gbps symmetrical) by the end of 2025. If we do not build our own network our community will be part of the 15% that will have been left behind.

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