Our Community Project

Delivering gigabit broadband to everybody in our community

Project Overview

What we are doing and why


We live in an area where there is a wide range in the speed of broadband available. There are some people who currently have access to ‘Superfast’ broadband while others are still limited to ADSL with connection speeds below 1Mbps. Nationally, there is a campaign to upgrade to ‘gigabit capable’ broadband but our area is not included in the plans of any of the big for-profit companies such as BT Openreach or Virgin Media. Our community project aims to improve the broadband available to everybody in our community by bringing our community together to fund and build our own full fibre broadband network that will make available to everybody a 1Gbps symmetrical service that will meet all of our needs for the rest of this century. This project provides our community with an opportunity that will not be available forever and is too good to miss.

The details