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By coming together as a community to build our own full fibre broadband network with a 1Gbps service provided by the B4RN community for a price of £30 per month we will be able to turn broadband in our community into an essential utility that everybody has access to and everybody can afford.

The B4RN community broadband service

Everybody connected to our community network will get their broadband service provided by the B4RN community. This service will be a 1Gbps symmetrical internet connection (1000Mbps for downloading and 1000Mbps for uploading) for a subscription of £30 per month on a 1 month rolling contract. This speed ..........is not an average across the community it is the service that everybody connected to the network will get all the time. The speed of your broadband connection will not decrease at busy times, and it is not affected by the length of the cable to your home or business.
Our community broadband will be future proof. At some point in the future when even 1Gbps is no longer fast enough the B4RN community has already shown that the fibre optic cables that we will use to build our network can deliver much higher speeds. Primary schools in B4RN communities in Lancashire have been upgraded from the standard 1Gbps connection to an amazing 10Gbps symmetrical using the same fibre optic cables.
The B4RN community wins two national awards (2021)
The broadband service provided by the B4RN community
The B4RN community broadband service contract
Reviews of the Broadband service provided by the B4RN community

The support available from the B4RN community

The B4RN computer club is run by community volunteers and is a forum for sharing knowledge and expertise on anything to do with broadband, networks, and computing in general. It is a form of support that is unique amongst broadband providers. The computer club has a Facebook page and also meets at the B4RN community offices at Melling every Friday...........
Once we are connected to the fibre network the B4RN community will be our internet service provider (ISP) and will maintain the network. If a cable gets cut B4RN community engineers will act quickly to find and repair the damage as they did for the villages of Leck and Ingleton when vandals dug up and cut one of their core ducts. Thankfully B4RN had no trouble locating the fault and engineers then worked through the night to fix the network.
Vandals Knock-out B4RN’s 1Gbps FTTH Broadband to Leck and Ingleton
The B4RN community help desk is staffed by caring and knowledgeable staff. They have their own technical teams who build and support the entire network and have a next-day response policy for anyone with service issues, and a 24/7 response for core network faults.
Helpdesk tel: 01524 238499
Helpdesk email: helpdesk@b4rn.org.uk

A podcast describing the amazing support provided by the volunteers at the B4RN computer club