Our Community Project

Delivering gigabit broadband to everybody in our community

Phone calls and fibre

VoIP - the phones you can use with gigabit broadband

Building our own full-fibre gigabit broadband network will greatly improve the speed and reliability of our internet connection and it will allow us to use new technology such as VoIP phones that use the internet instead of the old phone network.
The speed and reliability of our full-fibre network will allow us to use a new type of phone that sends its signal over the internet rather than the old phone network. This new phone technology is called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). A VoIP phone can call any other phone: another VoIP phone, a mobile or a traditional landline. Having a VoIP phone does not restrict who you can call, and full fibre broadband will mean that the sound quality is at least as good as your current phone.

The only difference you will notice is that the VoIP phone plugs into your router rather than into a phone socket. You can even keep the home phone you use now. You will just need an adaptor (called an Analogue Telephone Adaptor or ATA) that links your phone to your broadband router. Many VoIP providers will let you keep your current home phone number.

Once you have switched to a VoIP phone you will no longer need your old phone line so you will be able to stop paying the line rental.

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