Our Community Project

Delivering gigabit broadband to everybody in our community


What are Wayleaves and why do we need them?

We, as a community are building our own full-fibre gigabit broadband network in a part of the county that most broadband companies consider to be too expensive. We can afford to do what others cannot by relying on members of our community volunteering to do much of the work. One of the most important contributions to the success of our project is made by landowners in our community volunteering to give us permission to lay the ducting that carries the fibres across their land for free. Their contribution makes our project possible.

Our message to landowners in our community is that we are asking for your help. We cannot build our community broadband network without your support and cooperation. If you agree to let us lay ducting across your land then you will have the final say on the route taken, the depth at which the ducting is buried and when work can take place on your land.